Sunday, 6 July 2008

Serendipity and Unicorns

I went to a creativity conference in Italy in April this year. (
During one of the workshops we were asked to select an image to think and write about. I selected the unicorn image opposite. This is 'The Unicorn in Captivity' from the tapestry The Hunt of the Unicorn, created in The Netherlands in 1495-1505. The original is hanging in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had never seen this image before I picked it out of a table full of postcards.
I wrote about it in relation to the force of my creativity and the necessity to enable its release from 'fences' of all types. It was a very meaningful exercise for me, as it really showed up the ambivalent relationship I have with my writing. Since that time at CREA I have been generally motivated and optimistic about my work. But just recently I have been having a bit of a dip in energy and concentration. This, combined with the demands of parenthood and a ridiculously busy time, has left me a bit adrift.
Yesterday, we visited a stately home where a friend of mine is getting married in October. We are taking their photographs for them and wanted to see the venue.
There, hanging above the mantelpiece in the sumptuous dining room, was a copy of the unicorn tapestry.
A little gentle reminder to keep myself on track, I think.....


Jonathan said...

If for any reason you forget about the unicorn, I will remind you about the talent you have to express yourself in writing... ;-)

claires inner world said...

Jonathan - Thank you - you are so kind, as always. Must get around to replying to your lovely letter.... Hope all's well with you. Cx