Thursday, 27 November 2008

Short posts

Have you noticed how my posts are getting shorter and shorter?

It's the credit crunch - it'll soon be last word in, first word out....

Used car salesmen

Aaaagrhhh!!! Just aarghh!

Can't live with them. Can't kill them and bury them under the forecourt of their showroom...

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Christmas Theatricals Part Two...

Ok. Now this just isn't funny.

Yesterday I go into kindergarten to collect Small Son, to be told that he is goinng to be joining in the same Early Years Christmas production as Dear Daughter. Ahh, how sweet, I think. For about ten seconds. Until I realise he's going to need a costume too....

He's a Christmas Tree.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Birthday party

I took Small Son to a 4 year old's birthday party today. Let's call him Eric. Eric's parents have a most wonderful Victorian villa with beautifully furnished rooms with stripped wood floors. At the party there was (in no particular order):
A disco
A children's entertainer
A chocolate fountain
A piniatta
A table groaning with expensive drinks and nibbles from Waitrose for the adults
Party bags, prizes, cake..

It was all lovely, but the thing is, where do you go from here..?! If you give them all that when they're 4, what will they want when they're 8, 9 and 10?

It makes my child's little lunch, with a party bag containing a piece of cake and a balloon seem a bit of a poor show...

Friday, 21 November 2008

Christmas theatricals...

Dear Daughter came home from school today with a letter. It gave details of the Reception Class Christmas Production, to be staged in approximately three weeks. I came over all misty-eyed at the thought of Mary, Joseph and the Donkey. With visions of my little blonde daughter in an angel halo, I eagerly glanced down the letter to the point at which it read:-

Your child will play the role of a Cracker.
Her line is - 'The winner gets to keep the toy'

(She's playing a what?! I'm sure they didn't have them in Bethlehem... And what's all this about winners and toys?!)

But the best was yet to come:-

Please will you provide your child with a suitable costume to wear on the day?


I was on the phone to my mother before the ink had dried on the letter. Watch this space!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The light, the light...!

We have emerged from quarantine status finally. I feel like I've been underground for weeks! The kids have gone back to school and some semblance of normality (and my sanity) has returned. I have been to my meditation group, always a relaxing evening. I'm now trying to summon up the energy to get up and go to bed. It just always seems easier to sit there in front of the computer and read or write stuff.

I have embarked on the second part of the OU course, which is writing drama. I'm a bit anxious about this, I have to admit, as I've never written any drama before. But, fortune favours the brave, so I've been the first one to post an exercise I did on the tutorial group forum. So far only one comment, but that seems fairly favourable so I'll press on regardless.

I still haven't posted about all our life changes going on at the moment. It seems like it deserves a post all of its own really, but I've been so tired recently. So you'll have to make do with the potted version. Which is:

Dear Husband has left job. I have no job. We have no money coming in. The intention is that Dear Husband will continue to provide our daily bread by working for himself. However, we did not reckon on a worldwide global financial crisis... Oh well, we'll just have to see how it all pans out. As long as I don't have to go back to work, I don't care. I think we'd have to be starving before I dusted off my nasty lawyer persona...

So that's it really. Oh, and did I mention they took the company car back, and then I put a huge dent in the side of my ancient Peugeot 206. (that story probably deserves a post of its own too..)

Ho hum.