Friday, 21 November 2008

Christmas theatricals...

Dear Daughter came home from school today with a letter. It gave details of the Reception Class Christmas Production, to be staged in approximately three weeks. I came over all misty-eyed at the thought of Mary, Joseph and the Donkey. With visions of my little blonde daughter in an angel halo, I eagerly glanced down the letter to the point at which it read:-

Your child will play the role of a Cracker.
Her line is - 'The winner gets to keep the toy'

(She's playing a what?! I'm sure they didn't have them in Bethlehem... And what's all this about winners and toys?!)

But the best was yet to come:-

Please will you provide your child with a suitable costume to wear on the day?


I was on the phone to my mother before the ink had dried on the letter. Watch this space!


Jonathan said...

I hope you'll take pictures of your cutie cracker ! ;-)


claires inner world said...

Photos will follow...! Cx