Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Christmas Theatricals Part Two...

Ok. Now this just isn't funny.

Yesterday I go into kindergarten to collect Small Son, to be told that he is goinng to be joining in the same Early Years Christmas production as Dear Daughter. Ahh, how sweet, I think. For about ten seconds. Until I realise he's going to need a costume too....

He's a Christmas Tree.


Ladybird World Mother said...

Right. Green t shirt. Green trousers. Green socks. Beg, borrow, steal.
OR dig up tree from garden and strap said tree to child.
OR go to teacher and say
(I am a teacher and we do ALL THE COSTUMES)(Well, someone's mum does them actually, but who's asking...)
Best of luck. You'll love it on the day though. Nothing beats a good cry in front of the Christmas Play.

claires inner world said...

You're so right! It was my mum who used to make all the costumes when I was a kid! She was a teacher and did everything! She's on the case now for a Cracker and a Christmas Tree!
I will love it on the day though - Will have to post a report and photos!! Hope you're well. Loved your post about the chicken murder. I laughed and cried!