Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Out with the old and in with the new

It's the day before New Years Eve. We've just returned home from what feels like our million mile round trip visiting relatives.

And there's just time to take a breath before the festivities begin again tomorrow!

It has all beeen good, if busy. I had imagined that there would be time for me to creep away into a corner with a notebook and pen or a novel for an hour or two, but no. But the kids loved it, and excitement reached epic proportions on Christmas Day. And that was just mine :-)

The only downside was that Dear Daughter has flared up in what can only be described as eczema, although she has never had it before. So she had a trip to my parents-in-law's GP in Sheffield this morning and now has an antibiotic and hydrocortisone cream to try to clam her skin down. Very wierd. I can only conclude it's a combination of late nights, rich food, new clothes next to the skin and a change of washing powder. Who knows?

By the way, I got that assignment back; the one I wrote in a high fever a few weeks ago. I got a very respectable II.i - nearly a First!
I shall have to try to induce fever before every deadline in future...

Wishing everyone a Very Merry New Year.


Ernest de Cugnac said...

Hate to increase your cognitive dissonance, but here goes. We have a couple of eczema genes in the family, though only my sister in law has been a life-long sufferer. She was put on corisone skin treatment as a child and it really f*cked her skin up. It is paper thin to this day and she, and I have to say the rest of us, blame the cortisone. Try a homeopathic treatment first, or almost anything else - even olive oil.

claires inner world said...

Hi Ernest,
Thanks for your comments. I know exactly what you mean about the cortisone cream and I did my research before I used it on Mary. Luckily, she was prescibed a very low dosage and we only needed to use it for about 5 days to get her flare-up under control. Still, not ideal, but at the time there was no time to look at the alternatives as we weren't even at home when it happened... her skin is still not back to normal, so I will definitely be looking into the alternatives for future treatment. Happy New Year, by the way!