Thursday, 29 April 2010

Vote Vegetable!

I've been trying to explain the forthcoming election to Dear Daughter and Small Son. There are a lot of blank looks when I ask them if they know who the Prime Minister is. Gordon Brown rings no bells with my 4 and 5 year old. And then I say that there are three main parties, and their faces light up.
'And can we go to these parties?'
'No, not that kind of party. It means when people get together in a group. There are the Labour party, the Conservatives and the Liberals. Who sounds the best to you?'
'I think the Label party sounds best.' says Dear Daughter. 'What do they do?'

I ask them if they know what the government is. Dear Daughter hazards a guess.
'Is it the man that tells us what to do?'
'Like the king?', Small Son adds.
'Well, kind of.' I say. 'And do you know where they work?'
I'm hopeful about the answer, as when we had a trip to London I took them to see Big Ben. I start to prompt them,
'The Houses of Par.....?'
'The Houses of Parsnips!' shouts Small Son triumphantly.

Hmmm. This could take some time...


Teresa Stenson said...

I feel like I'm on a par with them! :)

claires inner world said...

I know! Me too! Dear Daughter says, 'Right, so everyone votes and the party who gets the most votes wins?'
Errr. No. Not exactly. Please don't ask me to explain....!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Nick said...

I haven't read your blog for ages... and this is a corker. I can see the Houses of Parsnip from my desk. xx

Anonymous said...

IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................

Anonymous said...

hahaha charming