Tuesday, 18 May 2010

This morning

It is a really lovely day here today. And I have seen some wonderful things already:

Waking up next to angelic sleeping Small Son. A flock of sparrows surfing along the hedge. A family of starlings worm-charming on the lawn. A field of yellow oilseed flowers lighting up like a beacon when the sun hits it. Explosions of blossom in every colour on almost every tree. A long-necked heron lazily flying south. The smiling face of a newly-pregnant friend. My germinated seedlings.

Have a good day.


M'zelle La Reine said...

Reading this actually made me feel as if I was in your situation even though it's cold and dreary out today. Thanks for sharing :)

GK said...

Love your banner !Dropped by thought id say hi !

claires inner world said...

Hello to you both, and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Claire