Monday, 5 May 2008

Living in the moment

I've been thinking about living in the moment quite a lot recently, as it's something I find really hard to do. I am such a malcontent - there is always something in my life that I'm not happy about, or seeking to change or improve, always something driving me towards tomorrow. I guess there is a positive side to all this. I am a lifelong learner, that I know. I want to experience new things and improve lots of aspects of myself. I am driven by my 'glass is half empty' psychology, in that I'm always looking for a tap to fill my glass up. On the down side, it is very hard for me to just 'be', to just enjoy where I am and what I have at this present moment in time. It's not too much about material things, more about states of being or experience. But sometimes I look at the kids sleeping at the end of a busy day and I realise that I have been rushing on to the next day and just thinking logistics. There is so much joy to be had in simply relishing the moment. People keep saying to me about the kids, 'Oh, they won't be little forever. Enjoy it.' Sometimes I feel like replying,
'Yeah, well, how about we swop for a couple of days and you can enjoy being woken up at three in the morning by your child vomiting on the floor...'
But I know they're right, really. And that, for all the day-to-day challenges in life, there is much, indeed everything, to find pleasure in.


Jonathan said...

Sometimes we're so much involved in our day-2-day routine that we don't even take the time to be conscious of what's going on...

Something that always surprises me is the ability of the children to ignore this notion of time. They are just the way they are, which is something that most of the adults are loosing as time goes by.

The glass will always be half-empty if you see it this way, always empty if you see it empty. It's all about perception, and depending on which pair of glasses you wear to look at your own life and destiny...