Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The longer you leave it, the harder it gets...

This could apply to so many things...

But I'm talking about writing; for the blog, and in general.

I've been having what I have come to recognise as my usual winter hibernation. I think I can safely say that winter is not a good time for me. I don't know if it is the dark short days, or the cold, or what, but I have been fighting off the winter blues since Christmas, and before. In fact, once the clocks change in October, that's me done for, really. Until the days start to lengthen out and the snowdrops and crocuses appear, I just want to get into bed and sleep. And I do. But I can't get up again. I bought myself one of those alarm clocks that gradually wakes you up by simulating dawn with a light that gets slowly brighter. And this has worked to a certain extent. I have certainly been feeling a lot less groggy when I wake up.

But the motivation and desire to write just seems to leave me in the winter, and I think dark thoughts, and stew in my own depressive and pessimistic juices. However, for the first time I am remembering that it doesn't last forever, as nothing does. I can feel it starting to lift. Hence, here I am. Scribbling again. So, I'd like to welcome myself back. Hi there stranger.


Jonathan said...

Glad to read you again ! I hope you're doing well

I was waiting for your next post for a while. That's one of the bad sides of blogs: people expect the next post... ;-)

See you soon ?

claires inner world said...

Are you going to CREA, J? I don't think we will be there this year, for a number of reasons.