Friday, 17 July 2009


Aren't there just always distractions for writers? My current ones are the following:-

  • Pain - following my wisdom teeth extraction last week, I have had a very painful mouth. The post-operative discomfort has now been added to by a shard of bone that has become loose and is trying to work its way out of my lower gum. It REALLY hurts....
  • Sun - I'm in France. It's very hot and very stormy. I just want to lie by the pool reading, and then sleep a lot.
  • Daydreaming - it's what I do - and there's ample opportunity for it at the moment.
  • Rejection - I got another rejection for a short story, but as they go, this one was encouraging. At least it said 'great idea' and 'good try' before the 'no thankyou'.
  • Facebook - need I say more? Our internet has been broken here for a week and we've only just fixed it. It feels like I'm back in the real world again, suddenly. Or have I been in the real world and am just re-entering the digital mesh we call life?
I have a few writing ideas bubbling just under the surface though - tomorrow it's time to get the notebook and pen out.