Monday, 7 September 2009

Or maybe it's not!

Just had it pointed out to me (thanks Lola!) that I am jumping the gun somewhat, with my 100th post. Actually, I clearly can't count! I'm only up to 94 according to my posting history. I have tinkered about with my blog a bit but can't think how that would have changed the number of posts. Don't think I deleted any! (Maybe I should have!)
Must be me, but could have sworn I added it up right. Hey ho!

Anyway, all the above stuff still applies and is true. But I needn't have had all that angst over the posting of it, as it isn't even the 100th anyway!

God. Now what am I going to write for the 100th one??


Lola said...

I have half-written drafts waiting in my Blogger dashboard, and they inflate the number that Blogger tells me I've posted.

(word verification for this is 'ovely', which is just lovely without the 'l')

claires inner world said...

Ah! That might explain it! I have a few drafts as well! I didn't think my mental arithmetic was THAT bad!

Anonymous said...
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