Thursday, 2 October 2008

Trinny and Suzannah on CBeebies...

Its already started. My daughter criticising what I'm wearing. She's four.

I'm in the shops and its all autumnal and chilly and I see a hat which I think is very chic, and will go nicely with my new red winter coat. So I buy the hat.

I go home and wander into said daughter's bedroom wearing the hat.
'Do you like Mummy's hat?' I ask.
Daughter looks up from building complicated Lego swimming pool, complete with steps and slides.
'That's not a hat, it's a bowl'.



belle said...
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belle said...

Sorry about that, I'll try again ...

They're so cutting aren't they?! My soon-to-be-fifteen year old greeted me on my return from my day with an image consultant by exclaiming, 'Jeez, mother! You look like an air hostess!'

I don't think he was complimenting me, was he?

claires inner world said...

I know! They're awful, kids. I don't know why we bother...!

Jonathan said...

At least the tell the truth, something that the adults tend to forget... ;-)