Sunday, 12 April 2009

Bonnes Paques!

Happy Easter from South-west France. it's a horrible day here - grey and misty and raining that really fine rain that gets you really wet..! The kids have done their Easter Egg Hunt in the barns; with the mice, woodstore, pots of paint, strimmers, spades, old carts, sets of skis, dusty, empty wine bottles with wicker around them, birds nests and a football table. (amongst other things)
We have taken refuge by the woodburning stove, and are in comfortable and quiet seclusion with some good books, a laptop and our Easter chocolate supply. Bliss!
Back to the UK on Thursday - real life beckons...


Jonathan said...

J'espere que tu n'as pas trop mangé de chocolate, my dear ;-)

claires inner world said...

Jonathan, Bonjour mon ami. J'ai mange beaucoup de chocolate, malheuresement..!