Sunday, 26 April 2009

More seeds...

I am disproportionately excited by the fact that my pumpkin seeds have sprouted! I am a member of a vegetable farming co-operative - the wonderful Canalside Community Farm (see my favourite websites for a link) and last year we had pumpkins as part of our vegetable share. I kept some of the seeds and dried them and last week I planted them in compost. And they've grown! I know this might seem like a pretty obvious train of events but I'm very new to this gardening business, and it just feels so great to see that little green shoot appearing out of the soil. It makes me feel all green-fingered.
Also, this weekend, I bought a mini-pond (Lidl again...!) and so my tadpoles have a new home! I'm sure I will be keeping you updated with the development of the tadpoles.. At the moment we're at the wiggly tail, no legs stage. Will keep you posted on back leg appearance!


Jonathan said...

Hey Green-thumb,

Have a look at this website:


Anonymous said...

Neat. I hope everything goes well for you and the tadpoles.

claires inner world said...

Hi J - thanks for the link - will check it out..

Hello Rachelle, Thanks for leaving a comment! Its much appreciated! My tadpoles and I are currently doing fine!!