Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Happy Birthday

I have just realised that I have missed celebrating the first anniversary of this blog by a few days. my first post was written on 4th April 2008, and here we are, a whole year later.

What has changed? The kids are a whole year older and bigger and are needing me less and less (and more and more in some ways) each day. So I have more time for writing now than I did a year ago. And how do I feel about that? Well, happy obviously, but a little ambivalent too. While childrearing duties kept me from my writing, it was easy to dream about it. Now the reality of doing it is here, it's easy to get scared and wonder what I was thinking... But we plod onwards as always.


belle said...

Happy blog birthday! I'm glad you're still here one year on :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Claire. And definitely keep going with the writing! I've looked through your blog, and now I'm ashamed of mine, and have made a pact with myself to try and be better at it and give it more time. I realise that if we had the extra hours in a day that I keep praying for, we'd just fill those too!

claires inner world said...

Hi Belle!! What a nice surprise, to have a guest appearance from you! How are you doing?

Hi Lynsey. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comments! I'm not sure they are really deserved.. I totally agree about all those extra hours we wish for - they're like trying to catch running water - slip through your fingers..