Monday, 18 May 2009

The end in sight

Firstly, many apologies for my lack of blog in the last few weeks. Have been working on my long project for the OU Creative Writing course I have been doing this year.

It has been an interesting process. This is my second year of study with the OU and I can really see an improvement and development in my writing. In particular, this year has really seen my drafting and critical skills come along, and I can now see more clearly where I go wrong, even if I don't quite know yet how to make it right again!

So I have worked on and polished the piece of writing for my final assessment and, although I feel like I could go on forever tinkering with it, I am quite pleased that I have managed to sustain my concentration and focus to produce a more developed piece of writing.

Where to go from here? After tomorrow, when this is posted off to the OU, I am officially On My Own... My tutor this year has recommended an MA for further study, but it's a lot of money to spend.... About £4000. Seems a lot for something that may go no further than a 'hobby'.

But, writing is an increasingly 'professionalised' activity, like so many others, and if I ever wanted to teach Creative Writing, I would really need to have an MA. So maybe I'll consider it.

As for this week, once this is in the post, I'm going to go and have a massage and then a large gin and tonic! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Well done you! Was wondering how you were getting on with the piece. I hope the massage helped you unwind, and that the gin and tonic was large!!!

Jonathan said...

Think about the long term, education has to be seen as an investment and not an expense. But you have to make sure that the MA would be really useful for you...

claires inner world said...

Hi Lynsey - haven't actually got around to the massage yet - you know what it's like! - but I had the g&t last night and muchly enjoyed it thank you! Cx

J - You're right about education being an investment - it's just I'm not sure if the MA is really right for me at the moment... Will check out your blog soon! Cx