Thursday, 4 June 2009

Bee update!

Well it's all looking good. The bees are no longer hanging around the old site, looking lost, and are busily going in and out of the bird box on the new post. They don't seem to hvae suffered any ill-effects. And they're right next to my runner beans so they can pollinate them when they flower. Hurray!

Feeling pretty tired tonight - dear husband, or as he shall hereafter be known - 'The Consultant', has been away since last Sunday morning and I have had a very busy week, what with the bees and all...

So looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

Yeah. Right.


Reeblestiltskin said...

Glad to hear the bees are happy. We have a lavender plant in our front garden and a big pretty blue tree in our back garden, of which shamefully I don't know the name, and they are both COVERED in bumblies. One came into my bedroom last week when I was trying to get ready for work (how cheeky) and after much girly squealing it took me about half an hour to get him outside safely. Such a poor excuse for being late for work! Hugh Fearnley Whittenthingy recently had to move his bees (I don't know him personally - this was on his Spring TV prog) and he had to send them on holiday so they didn't get confused by being moved a bit (read a more eloquent explanation here Your bees are clearly far cleverer than Hugh's. :)