Monday, 22 June 2009


I know I said that treading on a piece of Lego was my initiation into parenthood, but I can now go one better.

Today I attended Dear Daughter's first Parents' Evening. Proud mother? Who, me?!

She has been doing fine, it seems, so big sighs of relief all round. And she's nice to teach too, apparently! So that's good.

The only criticism her teacher made was that she occasionally goes off into her own little world or gets out of her seat and wanders around for a bit - kind of zones out.

Takes after her mother...(again)


Nick said...

What?! Getting up out of your seat and wandering around in your own little world is a bad thing? Claire, I can say with absolute confidence that it never did me any ha... Oh. x

claires inner world said...

I know! Does it ring any bells?! D'you think we'd be where we are now if we sat still and did as we were told? No. We'd be rich.